I have seen the video quoted here presented by Gregg Braden in Sydney a couple of years ago. The following description of this video taken from Gregg’s book, The Isiah Effect, came to me by email from Mary Robertson Reynolds ~ whose websites www.YouAreLoveMovie.com and www.YouAreLightMovie.com are like visual Qi Gong!!


Chapter 4 – Medicineless miracles

"The video tape we were learning from had been recorded at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong clinic and Training Center, the "medicineless hospital" in the city of Qinhuangdao, China. The footage began by showing a female patient lying on her back in the clinical setting. She appeared to be fully awake and conscious, not anesthetized, and there were no indications that an anesthetic would be used. The woman was loosely clothed, and her shirt had been modestly drawn up to expose her lower abdomen. In the lights of the video and the hospital room, her stomach glistened with the preparatory gel that appeared shiny and wet. Seated to the patient's right, the nurse practitioner moved an ultrasound wand across the taut, smooth surface of the woman's stomach.

Directly behind the patient were three male practitioners. Dressed in white medical jackets, they were standing only inches from her side. The men appeared to be very focused standing quietly near her upper body. One of the men began a motion with his hands, silently moving them through the air above the woman's face and chest.

The video next showed the ultrasound image, allowing us to peer into the woman's bladder during the procedure. The lining and curvature were clearly present. In this image, something else began to appear, something that should not have been there. 'You are looking at a bladder cancer,' our instructor explained, 'a tumor approximately three inches in diameter inside the woman's bladder.'

We were seeing the tumor as it actually appeared in the moment, captured by the ultrasound wand. The camera zoomed in on the screen as we witnessed an event for which Western science has no explanation. Anticipating what was about to happen, our room became very still. Even the old folding chairs stopped squeaking while our group watched, in awe, as the miracle unfolded before our eyes.

While the nurse continued to monitor the event through the ultra sound, the three men standing behind the patient worked together. In unison, they participated in a mode of healing that has been known for centuries. The only sound that betrayed the process was coming from the men themselves. They repeated a single word again and again, a word that became louder and more intense as the healing progressed. Loosely translated into English, they were saying, 'already gone, already accomplished.'

The shift began slowly, almost indiscernibly. The cancerous form began to quiver, as if responding to some unseen force. As the movement continued, with the rest of the image in perfect focus, the entire mass began to fade from view. Within seconds, the tumor appeared to melt before our eyes. In only two minutes and forty seconds, the tumor was gone. It had simply disappeared! A healing had occurred, one so complete that the ultrasound did not even indicate scarring in the tissue that the tumor had invaded. The patient, still awake and conscious, appeared to be relieved by what she heard in the room. The nurse and the three men conferred among themselves, then nodded in agreement; their process had been successful. Politely, each bowed from the waist and softly clapped his hands, acknowledging their accomplishment.

At first, our conference room was silent. Then I heard sighs that gave way to gasps and cheers for what we had witnessed. What had just happened? How had a cancerous tumor, three inches in diameter, disappeared from inside the woman's body without even the tell-tale scars of such a condition, in a matter of minutes?” [end of quote]


The thing to understand about this apparent miracle is that it only occurred because the group’s focus was on feeling and envisioning healthy cells and being unattached to the outcome [~ collectively holding the vision of healthy bladder cells whilst directing Qi from their hands over her abdomen in the vicinity of the tumor]. I witnessed similar treatments in Hangzhou at the Zhejiang TCM Research Institute [without the ultrasound] and without the intensity of focus, as usually it was only one practitioner and many patients! Nonetheless it was impressive. One Qi Going doctor told us that his treatments worked because his Qi was very strong [he trained Qi Gong 4 hours every day] and his patients’ Qi was very weak and therefore more easily able to be regulated by his. He only worked 4 hours a day too.

This is the essence of Qi Gong Mind-Body balance ~ that anything not in harmony with natural balance simply disintegrates or is transformed into pure Qi. For this to be able to occur it is necessary for your mind to be able to single-mindedly focus while your heart and feeling centre unconditionally release attachment to a particular outcome.

Again, doing your Qi Gong program every day serves to focus your mind while at the same time develop your Qi so that it has more strength both for your own health and healing as well as for your ability to apply it to whatever you are focusing on. Whether making dinner, doing the washing or giving healing it makes no difference ~ mental focus and the power of your Qi will keep you in the flow and your task will also flow.