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Sally has spent the past 25 years [since 1975] studying and practising Chinese Medicine, Taoist philosophy, Chinese Internal Martial Arts and Metaphysical Healing.

During the 14 years training as an apprentice to a Chinese healer, Sally learnt the fine art of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Qi Gong, Tai Ji Quan, and the use of the power of Qi [chi] and mind to transfer healing intent. While her studies saw her based in Australia and also Shanghai and Hangzhou, China, Sally has worked in clinics and taught workshops in Australia, USA, Japan and Nepal.

In the mid-1980's Sally had several profound spiritual/energetic healing experiences that caused her to look more deeply into vibrational healing and meditation. This included:

- Levels I and II Usui Reiki; intense training in the use of imagery with the American Imagery Institute;

- intensive training in Qi Gong Healing [specifically Qi Meridian Massage and associated Qi Gong exercises] with Dr Chen Hong Lin of the Shanghai Qi Gong Science Health Association;

- Diploma of Metaphysical Sciences, Lindlahr College [Perth Australia].

The culmination of this training is Sally's unique use of Chinese healing methods as metaphysical or vibrational healing, working to empower the individual to understand themselves and their unique vehicle - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Sally is also a Vipassana meditator having completed 9, 10-day retreats. She is an accredited member of The Australian Traditional Medicine Society and The National Metaphysical Association.

During the course of her life, Sally experienced several minor yet debilitating gynaecological problems, as well as having little understanding of herself as a sexual being. This ultimately led her to study Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.

Through her learnings Sally has had a number of spiritual experiences where Spirit taught her the secret of the golden flower, a Chinese Tantric Kundalini meditation. She has also adapted a traditional Taoist Tantric exercise, The Deer, to make it more accessible to novices. Both are now available on CD.

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PHONE: 02 4385 7044

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