In the metaphysical terms of Taoism, Autumn is the time of coming to fruition, of completion, of dying and grieving. It is harvest time which precedes the demise of the productive period going into the time of hibernation before rebirth in the Spring. It is the time in nature when the leaves fall from the trees, the sap begins to move inwards in plants as they prepare for the long cold winter months ahead.
Similarly with us, Autumn is the time when we should be harvesting the results of seeds planted in Spring time. Whether these be in the form of fruit from plants or the coming to fruition of some project, Autumn is the classic time of harvesting, reaping and gathering in of abundance.


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Sometimes living creatures choose this time to depart from the physical constrains of body and earth. It so happened that our old ginger cat, Mr Gin, chose to leave his body behind on April 1st. This gave us an opportunity to express grief ~ in line with Chinese medicine's belief that grief is the emotion aligned with Autumn. Since that time I have heard of two other individuals who chose to depart at this time and thus provide an opportunity for their loved one's to release their grief, in harmony with the universe.
For us in the southern hemisphere, the grief of so many unnecessary deaths due to war and terrorism, is another opportunity to grieve with the Universe.

I remember one of my teachers, Dr Donald Pachuta, telling this story of a patient who came in telling of a heavy feeling of grief and sadness. It was Autumn [or Fall as he said] and Dr Pachuta's comment was, "Welcome to the human race! It's Fall, that's what you are supposed to feel!" Dr Pachuta is a Western-trained medical doctor who knows about Chinese medicine and Taoist spirituality, and rather than prescribe anti-depressants he encouraged this person to allow this feeling to be. He said they should try to observe it and perhaps write it down or draw it out if they found the emotion too strong.
This is very much the Chinese way. Be aware of each season's emotional expression so that you are aware of why you may be feeling certain feelings. When energy moves and seasons change, we feel this in our beings, often though we don't know why we feel certain things. Now this doesn't mean that we should feel sad all Autumn. Not at all. It simply means that we may be more prone to such feelings during this time for no other obvious reason. Grieving with the Universe.


In Taoist metaphysics Autumn is the season aligned with the Metal Element in the Five Element [Five Phase] theory. This is the same as Air Element in Indian Five Element theory. The Chinese character translated as Metal is actually "gold". So I believe this to be the Element which provides us with precious elements from the Earth for our health and survival. The first and most obvious is air.


What are the organs you first think of with air? Lungs of course! Lungs are the Yin organs most connected to the season of Autumn. This means that your lungs are the organs most likely to experience dis-ease during this season. In order to help your lungs survive Autumn there a few things you can do to keep your lungs strong.


Summer is hot; Winter is cold; Late Summer is wet; Autumn is dry; Spring is windy. This is the nature of life. While it is possible to experience all climates in any season, it is generally considered that the abovementioned conditions are accurate, varying only in intensity according to location. Knowing that, you are then prepared to deal with any extremes that may arise.
For example, if you smoke then the dryness of Autumn is likely to more readily affect you because smoking already dries the lungs. Similarly, working in air conditioning or having a history of bronchial problems will tend to predispose you to lung dryness during Autumn or Winter - even if you have a lot of congestion! Sometimes mucous is the body's way of trying to provide the moisture needed in the lungs.


In heated environments, keep a bowl of water out so that it evaporates into the air you are breathing in; burning Eucalyptus oil also soothes the lungs.
Eat pears! Especially Nashi and Ya pears, as they are particularly juicy when ripe.
While studying in Shanghai in Autumn 1982 , I developed a hacking, dry cough. My doctor/teacher gave me acupuncture and told me to eat 6 pears a day to replenish my lung's Yin energy [moisture]!
Walnuts and almonds are also good lung foods, particularly if cooked with pears.


Spicy and pungent foods benefit the lungs. Ginger, garlic [can be too hot for some], pepper as well as many curry spices. In Chinese restaurants "hot and sour soup" is good for lungs, airways and stomach. Chilli is not considered a lung tonic, it is more of a medicine to be used when strong sweating and stimulation are required. Too much sweating is believed to weaken the heart.


6 Pears [Sweet William are good] - either sliced up or cored and kept whole;
Fresh ginger root - cut several thin slices [depends on how strong you like it]
4 Cinnamon sticks - break slightly;
Handful of walnuts or pecans - chopped or whole
Water for cooking...

Put all ingredients into a saucepan and slowly bring to simmering. Stir thoroughly to mix the spices through. If you put more water and more fruit you will also get some juice to drink, which is great warm. You can add a touch of honey if you like it sweet.


The Large Intestine is the Yang partner of the Lungs. They work together for our benefit ~ one taking in the breathe of life; the other releasing and letting go the absolute waste of the maintenance of the body.
Holding on and letting go is the emotional function of this aspect of energy anatomy. The ability to let things come and let things go in life, without holding on to what is no longer. It is the energy within us that helps us to do that. When we can't let go or won't let go that's when we are more prone to develop serious diseases.
Being able to let go releases so much energy that your vitality can increase and your feelings soar. We can expend too much of our valuable LifeForceEnergy feeding old things in our lilves.
Autumn is the ideal time of year to let go of old stuff you no longer need. Whether this be in physical form such as possessions, or in emotional form, the ability to simply let go can feel like sudden freedom! Like flying free! Let it go, whatever it is you are holding on to. Just let it go. Imagine you are holding a balloon. Put all the feelings you have around holding on to this thing into the balloon. Now, let the balloon go. Watch it float away taking with it all your worries, fears, angers, old hurts and pains. Floating away from you. Feel your heart open and love pours out surrounding you and fills the space left by the clearing. Feel yourself ligher, freer than you've been since childhood. Taking a deep breath, feel your lungs filling from bottom to top. Imagine your are breathing in White Light. White is the colour of balance and healing for your lungs. Breathe out and let go, let everything go with your out breath.
You can use this visualisation meditation whenever you have trouble letting go of something. Finish off with three deep breaths to bring you back to your body.
White, silver and grey are all colours of balance and healing for both Lungs and Large Intestine. Make use of them during this season by wearing these colours, or eating white foods, or visualising White Light surrounding, permeating and healing your Lungs and Large Intestine.

...: AUTUMN DETOX :...

Doing a detox is another way to let go. Let go of all the rubbish in your being.
Spring and Autumn are both ideal times to detox. Since the Large Intestine is aligned with Autumn, this is the ideal system to cleanse at this time. How to do this? There are a number of good ways but the way I most favour is using a herbal-fibre rich supplement that you drink. It works to slowly sweep through the bowels, breaking down any congested waste that often otherwise gets stuck and putrefies. These pockets of old waste need to be cleansed thoroughly.
Colonic irrigations and enemas are other ways you can do this. I have done both and personally favour the fibre mix even though it doesn't taste too great. Interestingly, it is a little spicy therefore has an affinity with the Autumn organs of lungs and large intestine.

If you wish to try this herbal mix send $55 with your address to: Tao Way of Life, P.O. Box 588, Terrigal NSW 2260; and we will send you a container of Herbal FibreBlend which is around 1 month's supply. Or contact me to find out how you can buy it direct wholesale since it is not available in stores.

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